Dark Spaces Wildfire #4

IDW Publishing

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Hayden Sherman

Colors by Ronda Pattison

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Ma and the others face off against a team of mercenaries and discover a dangerous betrayal.

The plan to steal millions from the abandoned house is going south fast and the members of the Line find themselves facing down a team of mercenaries. Realizing that there is no way to escape, an injured Ma decides to protect her team by surrendering herself. A move that gets them all captured and one of them taken away. 

As the captured ladies lament what they would have done with the money had they gotten it, Ma finds a way to escape from her bonds. As one of the mercenaries is dispatched to kill them all, they discover something that will change everything about the heist and one of their own. 

The Story: Snyder crafts some exciting action and thrills throughout this issue. The story continues to be engaging and compelling throughout and I love the twists that the story takes. This issue gave the reader a great insight into these characters by showing how they would spend the money if they weren’t waiting to be murdered for the attempt and I love the reveal towards the end and what it means for the story going forward. 

The Art: Sherman delivers some beautiful art in the issue and I love the details throughout from both the growing intensity of the environment to the dream sequences and how emotional they are. 

Dark Spaces Wildfire #4



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