Dark Nights Death Metal Robin King #1

DC Comics

Written by Peter J Tomasi

Art by Riley Rossmo

Colors by Ivan Plascencia

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: One of the youngest and darkest versions of Bruce Wayne heeds a different call and his target is the heroes of the multiverse.

After murdering his parents, young Bruce Wayne decides to go after bigger targets on his world, its heroes. Using his strategic mind, he develops methods for killing all of its heroes and as he prepares to kill more, the Batman Who Laughs offers him something more.

Taking the young villain to his own world, the Batman Who Laughs attempts to turn the young Bruce into another of his Groblins, but the boys resourcefulness makes him a unique candidate for fighting the heroes trying to stop Perpetua. As he shows the heroes just how dangerous he can be, the new Darkest Knight takes the young man back to show him his true destiny.

The Story: The Robin King is a unique concept. His immorality and cleverness make him unique and interesting, but not interesting enough to carry this story. While a lot of the story is interesting, the character lacks any ability to engage the reader. His motivations are weak and the story doesn’t really rise about showing how bad he is. Nothing about him made me care either what happens to him or what he wants. The Duke Thomas story at the end was more engaging.

The Art: Riley Rossmo has a unique visual style and there are some good looking moments in the issue. Unfortunately, many moments look like a confused jumble and took me out of the story.

Dark Nights Death Metal Robin King #1



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