Daredevil Woman Without Fear #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Rafael De Latorre

Colors by Federico Blee

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Elektra’s secrets force a confrontation she might not survive.

Elektra finds herself facing off against Kraven the Hunter after revisiting her past. As the two battle, Elektra wants to know why Kraven has targeted her as well as if Aka is behind the encounter. After revealing what he learned from Fisk, she is challenged to stay and fight or have her dark secrets revealed to the man she loves. What Kraven doesn’t realize is that there has been a change. One that will prevent that fear from blunting her actions.

As Elektra races to protect another potential target of Kraven, she thinks of a defining moment in her life with Matt and how that decision put her in opposition to both Aka and the Hand. After discovering that someone she cares about is missing, Elektra goes hunting. After returning to where it all began for her and Matt, she discovers not only that Kraven has been waiting but that he is being protected by someone with power.

The Story: I love the precision and focus of this story. Zdarsky infuses this issue with some great character moments for Elektra and includes not only some great surprises for the reader, but some interesting and dramatic twists that drew me in to the series and have kept me engaged with the plot. The action and intrigue are fantastic and I love how the story is coming together and where it’s taking me as a reader.

The Art: De Latorre has a great visual eye and that comes through with some awesome character shots and blistering action. I love the way the character moves in the fight scenes and am impressed with the detail and visual quality of the art.

Daredevil Woman Without Fear #2



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