Vincent D’Onofrio, who currently stars as Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin on Marvel’s Daredevil, went on social media today to answer a question about whether he would play another role on the hit series.

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During an exchange on his official Twitter account, the actor was asked if he had a chance to play another character in Daredevil, which one would he pick. Without skipping a beat, D’Onofrio stated that he wouldn’t, but would jump over to DC to play…..

Lex Luthor

Suffice it to say, the comments on his feed exploded with fans happily encouraging him as well as contacting DC Comics with their desire for this to happen.


While I truly enjoy his portrayal of Fisk as a calculating villain with a violent streak just under the surface of his cool veneer, I admit that I am intrigued to see what he could do with a character as iconic as Lex Luthor. There have been several portrayals of the villain over the year from Gene Hackman’s comedic portrayal in Richard Donner’s Superman films to Jesse Eisenberg’s manic exploration of the character. It would be interesting to see what approach D’Onofrio would take with the character.


What do you think of Vincent D’Onofrio wanting to play Lex Luthor? Let me know in the comments below.

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