Daredevil #600

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Ron Garney

Colors by Matt Milla

Daredevil and his crew consisting of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Moon Knight, Echo, Misty Knight and Spider-Man have gathered with a single shared goal, take down Mayor Fisk.

A task that is easier said than done.


He lays out his plan to the rest of the group and they are skeptical, especially considering Daredevil’ status with the police as well as their current relationships with authority as well. To his credit, Murdock seems confident enough with his plan to convince the others and they put his plan into action. Meanwhile, Blindspot has other things to deal with, namely Muse throwing him off the side of a building. As the young hero decides to fight back, the killer makes him an offer to hash things out later. An offer Blindspot refuses.

Black Cat makes her way into the restaurant to wait for Kingpin to arrive for their meeting. She and the rest of the crime lords of New York talk amongst themselves as they wait for Fisk to appear. Blindspot’s fight continues and Muse forces the young man to make a fateful choice The criminals in the restaurant decide that Kingpin is setting them up and the heroes intervene to stop the carnage that’s about to take place. As they take down the thugs, Daredevil sees squads of police moving in. It’s a trap.

At Fisk’s rally, the Mayor and Wesley get word of the raid and the fact that Daredevil is not there. What follows is something completely unexpected. I was surprised by the conclusion of this issue, especially in the calculated way both sides tried to play the moment. What surprised me the most is how the conclusion of this issue sets up so many different stories in its wake. There was a lot to digest, but it was done insanely well with no wasted moments. I was impressed with the way this story was crafted and executed with some amazing art by Garney that added to the gritty texture of the narrative. I love being surprised at the end of a story and the one at the end of this one is well done.

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