D95679BE-45E1-49DC-BBB9-1CCC1C0EC6FFDaredevil #598

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Ron Garney

Colors by Matt Milla

The mysterious Muse continues to paint murals depicting New York’s costumed vigilantes all over the city and everyone is wondering what they mean, how he or she does it and who he/she is. Mayor Wilson Fisk really wants to know. He’s been trying to craft his particular narrative for the city since he was elected. A narrative that includes vigilantes as dangerous threats. Unfortunately, the appearance of Muse has given way to public sentiment swinging in the other direction. A prospect that Fisk does not want to continue to entertain.


As Fisk gets his assistant Wesley to bring the police commissioner on board to track down the artist, Matt Murdock is pretending to listen to his assistant in the Deputy Mayor’s office while he really isolates and listens to Fisk’s conversation. As the assistant continues to drone on about information that may or may not be important, Fisk switches to another project. One that is of interest to Daredevil. This leads Matt to a pretty tense meeting in Fisk’s office with the two men trading barbs at each other and the meeting ending with Matt donning his black suit and following Wesley to a meeting with Hammerhead.

As Wesley goes from criminal to criminal including Black Cat, The Owl and Diamondback, Matt gets the full extent of Fisk’s plan for the city and how these criminals will play a part in it. Meanwhile, Muse is finishing his latest piece of art when two young women decide that they want to talk to him. As they realize the mistake they made, Muse is interrupted by the police and the results of the confrontation draw Fisk from his office to witness the carnage.

The relationship between Fisk and Matt is dealt with in a way that seems both real and relevant. I like the back and forth they have with every word dripping with tension and contempt. There is a palpable animosity between the two of them and it comes across well in this issue. The story works well for me too. I like that the threat of Muse is held to the end while Matt actually does some digging to get answers about what Fisk is up to. What works more is that the reader has to decide which is the more pressing threat. I like the fact that there are no easy answers to that question. A well done issue with some great character and visual moments.

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