B3259B23-2EE2-4542-BC13-E3E092C0ECF5The Amazing Spider-Man #795

Marvel Comics

Written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage

Art by Mike Hawthorne

Colors by Marte Gracia

Ink by Terry Pallot

The Parker luck is at it again as Peter Parker has found a new apartment with neighbors who know he’s been disgraced and his lack of money is affecting other things like his ability to travel and even money to make new web fluid. In spite of it all, Peter is trying to keep his head up as he makes his way to work with someone watching him the entire way.  At the same time, Bobbi Morse is dealing with Peter’s absence as well, getting her apartment back in order, when she gets a call from Aunt May who wants to take her to lunch.


As he hears about more fallout from Parker Industries reaching him at work, a raven appears to deliver a message to Peter and he immediately bolts when he realizes who it’s from. As he reaches the Sanctum, he has a run in with the new resident, Loki. As Spider-Man attacks, Loki deflects easily and attempts to assure Spider-Man that he was summoned because Loki owes him a favor. Bobbi and May have lunch and May finds out something unfortunate about Peter’s social life as Loki tries to find a way to help Spider-Man with his recent misfortunes in exchange for a good word from the hero.

As the two of them discuss what Loki can do for Peter, Spider-Man gets angry at the suggestion that someone else is looking to mess with his life through magic (an allusion to One More Day) and accidentally releases a threat that only he and Loki can take down. In the midst of taking out the threat, Peter is put into a position where he has to make a decision that could affect everything including time and the choice he makes might not have been completely his own. A prospect Spider-Man doesn’t take into account when dealing with Loki. Especially when a bigger threat from Spider-Man’s most ruthless enemy grows bigger and more uncontrollable.

I’ve been following this comic for a while now and I continue to enjoy it. While this issue was enjoyable as well I did find some issues with it. I liked the clash between Peter and Loki. The history between the two of them and the history of Peter being manipulated by magic are served well in this story. Unfortunately, I found the personal life issues to be not as developed as they have been previously. The relationship between Peter and Bobbi isn’t served well here and what happens to the two of them after London doesn’t really fit. Going back and reading the previous issues, the situation presented just seemed abrupt and a little lazy.

I’m not expecting Peter to find everlasting happiness with Mockingbird, but what happened wasn’t handled in a way that I found either satisfying or logical. The art was done well and I enjoyed the look and pacing of the book. I just wish there was more substance to this issue because that’s what has been keeping me coming back.


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