Daredevil #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Rafael De Latorre

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: As Cole gets used to a new life with the Fist, Matt and Elektra prepare for a new mission. 

With his business in New York concluded, Matt travels to the secret base of the Fist, but he is not traveling alone. Cole and Foggy join Matt on his mission and discover the scope of their operation in the mountains. An operation that includes some familiar faces along with new and dangerous ones.

After telling Elektra and Stick about his encounter with Aka and what he learned, Matt and Elektra head to the mountains to take part in a dangerous ceremony that will determine if they are fit to be the Beasts of the Fist. 

The Story: There is a wonderfully dark romanticism that is brought to this issue with Zdarsky making the reunion between Matt and Elektra both poignant and tense. I love that the issue makes both the A and B stories compelling with Matt coming to terms with what he is and what he has to do as well as Cole learning to embrace a new, unknown and dangerous experience. I’m invested in this arc and cannot wait to see what happens next. 

The Art: De Latorre brilliantly captures the power of the characters as well as the danger of both the setting and the stakes of the story. 

Daredevil #4



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