Daphne Byrne #1

DC Comics

Written by Laura Marks

Art by Kelley Jones

Colors by Michelle Madsen

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: A girl dealing with a personal tragedy will find a darkness within her that is calling to her.

Daphne Byrne is not your average girl. After the death of her beloved father, she and her mother find themselves dealing with it and the world in different ways. Daphne spends her time looking at the natural world for things like rocks her father would have enjoyed while her mother seeks solace in the supernatural with mediums bilking her with false promises of contact with her dead husband’s spirit.

Daphne Byrne 1-5

When Daphne finds herself at the home of a medium with her mom, she finds that the strange things around her don’t come from the fake medium, they are coming from dark forces who have their sights on Daphne Byrne for more sinister purposes.

The Story: The first issue starts with a little slower pace than I expected, but it works as a means of getting to know the characters and their world. Laura Marks crafts an interesting world with this issue and leaves enough mystery to intrigue the reader. I like the character of Daphne Byrne and how she reacts to the world around her and the darkness that is targeting her. It will be interesting to see how she changes and grows as the story progresses and what those changes will mean for a story that seems ambiguous at times.

The Art: Jones delivers some beautifully detailed visuals in this issue. I loved the character designs and how the darkness and shadows are used as almost a character themselves.


Daphne Byrne #1




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