Danger Street #1

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Jorge Fornes

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: A strange group of strangers will find their lives forever changed by Fate.

The helmet of Fate has a story to tell. A story that begins on a hot day on Danger Street where a group of kids have a run in with a police officer. In the aftermath, she decides to let them go if they promise to call her to come pick them up. At the same time, Creeper’s alter ego gets offered something big if he can make it to their studio. Warlord and Starman meet in a diner where they wait for Metamorpho who has gotten something that will guarantee them a spot in the Justice League.

As Manhunter finds himself tasked with a new and dangerous mission, Metamorpho and his friends travel to a local beach to begin the next part of their plan. Unfortunately, their plan unleashes something unexpected with a tragic conclusion and Jack Ryder’s interview for a new job reveals something even stranger.

The Story: This is a weird tale with interesting characters and situations and I love how weird, unique and engaging this story is. King takes some intriguing characters and puts them in a story that is completely unpredictable and thoroughly enjoyable. This first issue has already gotten my attention and I cannot wait to see how weird this story looks like it is going to get.

The Art: Fornes delivers some beautifully detailed and visually engaging art. I love the style and how it calls back to classic comic book visuals.

Danger Street #1



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