crowded-5_9cfcf4fb65Crowded #5

Image Comics

Written by Christopher Sebela

Art by Ro Stein

Inks by Ted Brandt

Colors by Triona Farrell

Letters by Cardinal Rae

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Trotter finally reveals his endgame.

When a young woman gets engaged, it is one of the happiest moments of her life. At least it is until the bills start to pile up. With the cost of her wedding mounting, a two million dollar bounty looks really good and the fact that she’s been targeting with the target of that bounty looks even better.


It’s only through providence and a last-minute appeal to her humanity that keeps Charlie alive for the time being. Something Vita is happy to remind her of.

With things getting desperate for everyone involved, including Charlie, Vita and the denizens of the library, the pair find themselves on the run again. This time things get worse when Trotter finally decides to put his plan into action. A plan that involves a series of small cars and herding Vita’s car into his ultimate death trap.

The story in Crowded continues to get exciting and the tension and terror continue to grow for Charlie and Vita. Sebela has done a great job with the pacing of this story and it continues to be an exciting and interesting look at social media culture and how bad it can be. If there’s one thing that continues to be an issue in this story is Charlie’s continued lack of awareness. Her inability to take responsibility for anything makes her consistently unlikable.

The art continues to be dynamic and beautiful. Stein draws some kinetic and energetic action scenes in this issue and this series as a whole.

Crowded #5




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