Crossover #4

Image Comics

Written by Donny Cates

Art by Geoff Shaw

Colors by Dee Cunniffe

Letters by John J. Hill

The Rundown: Ellie, Ava and a small band of heroes search for an item that will let them back into the dome.

Ellie has a bit of hero worship when their adventures bring her face to face with Madman. After being successfully hidden from the forces in pursuit, Ava wants to know where her parents are. Madman and the others have some of the information, but not everything either Ava or Ellie need. To further complicate things, they discover that there is another anomaly within the dome that could send everyone back where they belong.

In order to get back into the dome, they will need something powerful to pierce it. Something that might be available at the local museum dedicated to the event. After breaking into the building, the group is confronted by some harsh reality regarding their powers versus the police as well as the nature of some of the items around them. When all hope seems lost, a mysterious woman might have the answer they’re all seeking.

The Story: The plot continues to evolve and grow in ways that keep me interested as a reader. There are some great moments throughout and the standout of the issue if the narrator. Not only are the asides funny and entertaining, but they really help to shape the pace of the narrative.

The Art: Shaw continues to deliver some awesome visuals throughout and there are some great character and plot moments that the art teases at but lets the reader imagine.

Crossover #4



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