Crone #1

Dark Horse Comics 

Written by Dennis Culver

Art by Justin Greenwood

Colors by Brad Simpson

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: A legendary warrior in her golden years is called to pick up the sword once again.

An ancient kingdom is plagued by the forces of the evil D’Kayde and those forces find themselves in the presence of three mighty warriors determined to stop the madman once and for all. Led by the fierce and bloodthirsty Bliss, the warriors cut a path of destruction through D’Kayde’s forces.


Years later, an old man and his daughter seek passage through the mountains to find someone. When their guide refuses to take them further under pain of death, the man finds himself in the presence of his old friend and calls on her to return to the fight because an old enemy has returned.

The Story: There are some great elements in this first issue that made it a compelling read. I love the characterization of Bliss. There are moments that stray towards Red Sonja territory, but Dennis Culver finds a way to make Bliss a unique and interesting character of her own. The mystery in the first issue is interesting as well and Culver sprinkles in story elements that are intriguing and worthy of pursuit.

The Art: Justin Greenwood’s art is great. The battle scenes are beautiful and brutal and the visuals do an amazing job of bringing readers into a new and different world.

Crone #1




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