criminal-2_bfa941fe36Criminal #2

Image Comics

Written by Ed Brubaker

Art by Sean Phillips

Colors by Jacob Phillips

Jacob is pulled back into the world of comic books when he gets a call to mind his former mentor for the weekend. It’s not something Jacob is looking forward to because of his complicated history with the man, but he was requested specifically. Reluctantly, he agrees.


His former mentor is Hal Crane, a legend in the comic book industry. In town to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award, Jacob is determined to keep the feisty and difficult artist on schedule, but that quickly falls apart when Hal decides to take Jacob on a detour to the dark side of the comic book and animation industry. Witnessing Crane involving himself in illegal, unethical and even violent behavior during their time together, Jacob is ready to throw in the towel when he’s finally told why Crane requested him in the first place.

The world of comic books and con culture is the perfect backdrop for this issue. Brubaker’s experiences come to bear in this story with a mixture of great plotting and dialogue. The characters are really interesting and the build up to Jacob’s role in the events is handled really well. Hal Crane is an interesting character and seems to be an amalgam of larger than life creators you hear about at conventions and through the grapevine and that adds more color to the story for fans of the genre. A gritty and well-paced story that is fun and engaging from start to finish.

Sean Phillips’ art is beautifully gritty and detailed. There is so much visually to take in and the convention panels are filled with some incredibly fun background details.

Criminal #2




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