Creepshow Vol. 2 #2

Image Comics

Written by Michael Walsh and Dan Watters

Art by Michael Walsh and Abigail Larson

Colors by Michael Walsh and Abigail Larson

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Two new stories explore terror and horror.

The Man With No Eyes

A young boy sits in front of the television as his father has to work nights. When a new show begins that targets young Danny, he is unable to look away. Unable to leave the television, Danny runs afoul of his alcoholic father and their clashes will allow a dark entity to come forward and take from Danny something it needs.

An entertaining and dark story from Walsh that is thoroughly entertaining with awesome art on every page.

Keep It Down

Amy has a unique talent for being able to see and hear the dead. Unfortunately, her talent quickly becomes a curse when the voices of the dead do not stop. Desperately wanting some peace, Amy takes extreme measures to get some. Measures that will leave her deaf to a dark entity that is coming for her.

An entertaining short that has a great twist ending to it. The story has some great art and the style works perfectly with the tone of the story.

Creepshow Vol. 2 #2



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