Creed: The Next Round #1

BOOM! Studios

Written by Latoya Morgan and Jai Jamison

Art by Wilton Santos

Colors by DJ Chavis

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: Feeling limited by her overprotective father, Amara Creed takes drastic steps to prove her talent.

The story opens with Amara competing in a boxing tournament. Afterwards, a conversation regarding her lack of worthy opponents leads her to participate in a risky event that is quickly discovered by Adonis. Later, Amara searches for a new coach. Meanwhile, Adonis and Bianca seek to expand their business empire.

The Story: This introductory issue of this four part limited series follows up with the Creed family nearly a decade after the cinematic production Creed III. Its main themes are self-reflection and familial relationship. Its combination of action and inner narration is sublime. And I found the dialogue to be both purposeful and relatable. The relationship between parents and child is crafted beautifully as it explores the both the feelings of a father learning to allow his child freedom, and a child seeking to test their own physical limits and break free of their parent’s shadow. I am all in on this series and look forward to the next chapter.

The Art: This beautiful issue features a realistic illustration style that is enhanced by bold coloring. I was particularly impressed by the special attention given to the hair styling as it captured the nuances of various ethnicities. I would also like to give special praise to AndWorld Design for masterfully handling the lettering in the work. There are multiple narrations and languages at play throughout the story, yet the transitions are seamless and easy to comprehend. The design work of the creative team is well thought out and perfectly executed.

Creed: The Next Round #1



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