STL142271Conan Serpent War #4

Marvel Comics 

Written by Jim Zub

Art by Ig Guara and Vanesa R Del Rey

Colors by Frank D’Armata and Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: With the Wyrm getting the pieces in place for its final victory, James Allison will use one final act to snatch victory from the mouth of impending defeat.


The four warriors brought together to save the world still don’t trust each other and things get even more tense when Conan confronts Moon Knight and his master Khonshu. It will take the moon gods considerable power to convince the Cimmerian that they are allies as Set’s priestess works to remove the poison from Conan’s physical body.

With all the heroes brought together for one final battle against the newly reformed Wyrm, Marc Spector will be granted new powers that will hopefully help him strike the final blow as his compatriots prepare for what might be their final battle against evil.

The Story: Jim Zub brings this epic tale to a satisfying conclusion filled with sword, sorcery and action. The story deftly utilizes its eclectic cast of characters to showcase four different types of heroism and how they can unite under a common cause. The pacing is thrilling and the story unfolds like an epic fantasy. I loved the story and its ideas and how immediate the action and plot felt as I read it. A great conclusion that leaves the door open for more stories like it in the future.

The Art: Ig Guara and Vanesa R. Del Ray bring some beautiful and breathtaking visuals into this issue. Everything from the battles to the characters looks amazing and the details throughout capture the eye and the imagination.

Conan Serpent War #4




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