There were so many different kinds of games featured at this years E3 and many of them I would love to deep dive into discussing, but one really engaged me not just graphically, but also with its story.

Detroit Become Human is a unique third-person noir thriller that has the player take on the role of three distinct characters:

Kara: A newly created android with consciousness who struggles to find her place in a world where androids are treated as servants.

Connor: An advanced police android tasked with hunting down androids who deviate from their programmed behaviors.

Markus: A sentient android who decides to rebel against the humans and free fellow androids from their control. (If Markus looks familiar, it is because he is being played by Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams)

What makes the game unique overall is that the story continues even if your character dies. The story will branch off depending on what decisions you made. The gameplay trailer shows the unique way you play Detroit Become Human. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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