Sony is serious about bringing to life the Valiant Cinematic Universe in a big way and they are looking at big name talent both in front of and behind the camera to bring that vision to life.

The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive that Reginald Hudlin, director of the upcoming biopic about the life of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, will direct the live action version of the Valiant supernatural comic book series Shadowman.

Adam Simon (Salem) is rewriting the script originally penned by J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5) along with Hudlin while Straczynski stays on as Executive Producer. Hudlin has previous experience in the world of comics having previously written for four years on the Black Panther comic for Marvel and is currently working with DC Comics on a revival of the Milestone series of comics.

Shadowman tells the story of Jack Boniface, a saxophone player who becomes the host of a spirit that is tasked with defending the Earth against a demonic invasion using an array of superpowers including enhanced strength, endurance and other powers.

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