A new She-Ra for a new generation is set to debut on the streaming service Netflix and Dreamworks TV has released a teaser for the upcoming series.

The series follows the young orphan Adora of Planet Etheria, who turns into the Princess of Power, She-Ra, after finding a magic sword. She is guided by a group of magical princesses as she wages battle against the evil Horde and their leader Hordak.

According to showrunner Noelle Stevenson, Adora will have a more personal connection to both Hordak and the Horde in the new series. Adora is kidnapped by the Horde as a baby and raised among them. “She’s been very sheltered her whole life and as she starts to experience the world, she realizes that there’s more to this than she knew, that maybe there’s a reason they were called the Evil Horde,” she said.

The kidnapping and orphan aspects of the characters past could definitely open the gates for a possible He-Man connection to come later.

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