As Lego continues to dominate the box office with their licensed films, more and more kids and adults are getting into or back into the sets and wanting them bigger and more intricate.


Lego has just announced that they are releasing another massive Lego set this year that is based on The Lego Batman Movie. (Spoilers)

At one point in the film, Joker has taken over Wayne Manor and transformed it into a twisted fun house version of itself. The Lego set, which boasts 3,444 pieces will recreate that for fans and enthusiasts.

The Joker Manor will cost $269.99 and will include a rollercoaster, giant Joker head and twisting sign. It will also feature ten mini figures including Batman, Robin, Barbara Gordon, Alfred, Joker, Harley Quinn and Disco versions of the characters from the end title sequence.

The set will be available to order this fall starting November 24th.

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