Magician and teacher Chad Allen has created a new comic book series coming soon to audiences.

Unseen is a new comic that is written by a blind person with a blind heroine. It has been created for both blind and sighted audiences with an amazing voice cast to bring the characters to life.


According to the official synopsis: Unseen is the story of Afsana, a blind assassin living in a chaotic world in which she is invisible to society. Discounting her abilities is her enemies’ gravest mistake.

The upcoming series will feature a full audio cast that includes Vanessa Stewart, Misty Lee, Patrick Culliton, Max Maven, Michael Anastasi, Melissa Eccles, Scott Goldman and more.

Currently, you can experience Unseen at the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, CA through Labor Day 2019. You can learn more about Chad Allen and Unseen at the website

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