The upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand is coming soon to the streaming service and it looks like CBS is looking at two stars to headline the miniseries.


According to Deadline, Westworld star James Marsden is in negotiations to take the lead role of Stuart Redman in the Josh Boone directed series. Stuart “Stu” Redman is a former member of the military who lives in the small town of Arnette, Texas. When the superflu epidemic that wipes out most of the population hits, Stu is one of the few people left immune to the virus. He and his fellow survivors break off into two camps and rally behind two leaders, the evil Randall Flagg and Mother Abigail.

Marsden can next be seen in the big screen adaptation of the video game Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Another actor being eyed for the nine episode adaptation is Amber Heard. The Aquaman star is set to play Nadine Cross in the series. Cross is another survivor of the superflu who finds herself in the company of musician Larry Underwood and a mute, feral boy named Joe. She finds herself in conflict with her feelings for Larry and the secret that she is destined to be with Randall Flagg.

Heard can next be seen in the drama Gully.


Rounding out the casting rumors, actor Whoopi Goldberg is said to be in negotiations to take on the role of Mother Abigail in the series. Mother Abigail is the oldest woman left on Earth and spends her quiet existence in Hemmingford Home, Nebraska until the superflu wipes out the population and God tasks her with gathering people to help her stand against the plans of Randall Flagg. She appears in the dreams of the survivors and calls them to her.

Goldberg is one of the co-hosts of The View on ABC. She is known for her roles in the films Ghost, Sister Act and Furlough.

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