Catwoman #39

DC Comics

Written by Tini Howard

Art by Nico Leon

Color by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: Catwoman makes a new acquaintance and later makes her presence known to a collective of mobsters.

In the opening, Catwoman narrates the history of several Gotham City bosses. Then, those bosses gather at an adult entertainment club for an interesting meeting and something unexpected occurs. One week ago, Selina articulates her love of Alleytown and current raison d’être before paying a visit to Eiko. After an unsuccessful conversation, she then sets up shop in a prime location and soon meets someone interesting. Later, she gathers intel on her marks.

In the present, Catwoman confronts her enemies and blackmails them in a surprising manner. Soon an altercation occurs, and the cat receives help from a surprising group. Later, she receives a gift from a new alliance and must decide how to proceed.

The Story: Tini Howard takes over the story of the Queen of Alleytown in this introductory chapter. This story arc begins with Selina’s return to Alleytown and her decision to keep it safe from Gotham’s powerful crime bosses. This iteration of Selina’s narrative is feminist focused and shows her using different methods of research and resolution than in previous issues. I thought it was an interesting choice to focus her time and resources on the society of women. The perspective shift is certainly welcome, and I am interested to see how this approach develops.

The Art: The illustration in this edition has a modern and youthful tone. Detailed drawings are mixed with a color palate that changes with mood and location. This issue is slick, visually appealing, and surprisingly colorful. I feel it perfectly complements the world of Selena Kyle.

Catwoman #39



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