Nubia and the Amazons #4

DC Comics

Written by Stephanie Williams

Art by Alitha Martinez and Darryl Banks

Inks by Mark Morales, Alitha Martinez and Darryl Banks

Colors by Romula Fajardo Jr.

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: The Amazon’s search for a way to stop Medusa, and a romantic connection from Nubia’s past is explored.

The council of Themysicra discuss recent events with the Queen prompting Nubia to recall an unprecedented event. Later, she visits the Temple of Theia and has a discussion with Penelope and Bia. Then, in the past, circa 1970s, Nubia helps Tina Knight and the two make a connection.

In the present, Andromeda has an internal conversation with Medusa. Then, a description of Medusa’s story is revealed. Later, Io gifts Nubia a weapon. Afterwards, Nubia goes to Doom’s Doorway, and after an interesting battle, confronts Medusa. The two must then decide how to proceed.

The Story: Hurt people, hurt people. It’s the overarching theme of this series and this issue’s approach to Medusa is both thought provoking and revolutionary. The question becomes: What is Themyscira, if not for every woman who has been caused immeasurable hurt? I’m curious what will happen next and how Nubia’s choices will affect the Amazon’s in future stories.

The Art: This is a beautiful issue filled with bold colors and intricate drawings. The action scenes are well done and interesting. And the emphasis on character expression and form is emotionally connective. I felt transported with the turn of each page.

Nubia and the Amazons #4



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