Captain Marvel #37

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Julius Ohta

Colors by Ruth Redmond

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Carol and Monica decide to give Binary some lessons on dealing with humanity, but their adventure will have an unexpected ending.

Carol Danvers has returned to Earth after her adventure in space and finds herself facing the return of some of her most annoying villains. Luckily she’s not alone with Monica by her side to help her out and Binary coming in to help. In the aftermath, both ladies decide to take Binary out of town to try to teach her more about humanity. A task that will not only challenge the new beings perceptions of the world but also give her some interesting lessons about life.

The trip will also turn out to be a great way for Carol and her friends to reconnect. It will also be the beginning of a new mystery when their evening is interrupted by a possible abduction of one of their own.

The Story: Thompson delivers a great new arc filled with both humor and heart. I like seeing Binary’s journey in the story and how supportive Carol and Monica both to her and each other. There are some fun elements throughout the story and everything comes together beautifully to showcase the character and her relationships as well as the bigger mystery that is lurking in the story. The story comes to a great cliffhanger that makes me intrigued about what comes next.

The Art: Ohta delivers some great art in the issue. The lighter tone of the story and the character moments really come through in the art.

Captain Marvel #37



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