Captain Marvel #29

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Jacopo Camagni

Colors by Espen Brundetjern

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Carol’s quest to learn magic brings her to the front door of an unexpected and dangerous potential teacher.

Carol’s quest to stop the threat of Ove brings her to the home of one of the most dangerous wielders of magic on the planet. She also happens to be Ove’s mother, Enchantress. Keeping her true motives a secret, she implores Amora for help and uses the fact that Strange will not train her as a means of attaining it. After agreeing to help her, Enchantress and Carol head to the depths of the sea to begin her training.

They find themselves at the site of a powerful magical barrier. One that only Carol can cross. She is tasked with retrieving a powerful magical object and returning it, but Carol’s dangerous mission will expose the fact that Enchantress cannot be trusted. Trapped and running out of power, Strange enlists someone close to Carol to rescue her, but Captain Marvel discovers that there may be another way to break free.

The Story: Thompson crafts a story that brilliantly showcases Carol’s power and determination. She is shown to be a great strategist (if not the best judge of character) and despite feelings of guilt and negativity, she strives forward to find her own way. I like that she is acknowledging the conflict with her and Rhodey and how the story brings him back into her narrative. The dialogue is great and I love the way characters interact with each other like everyday people. A fun read with a great ending.

The Art: Camagni delivers some awesome visuals throughout this issue. Not only are the characters dynamic and powerful, but the backgrounds and panel convey the world beautifully.

Captain Marvel #29



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