Captain Marvel #13

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Lee Garbett

Colors by Tamra Bonvillain

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Carol’s mission for her new master will bring her face to face with her next target; Tony Stark.


After her first mission took Thor off the board, Carol decided on her next target, Iron Man.

As Tony Stark spends a relatively quiet evening at home, he has no idea that Carol Danvers is hurtling at him at top speed and when his defenses alert him to the threat, he only has a few moments to get armored up before Captain Marvel goes on the attack. As his former ally proceeds to launch him into space, tearing off his armor in the process, the motives for the attacks and the villain behind them are revealed.

Carol is working on behalf of an entity that is connected to her Kree side and has targeted the Kree refugees on Earth for death if Carol doesn’t comply. With no options, Carol begins her mission to hunt down and kill the Avengers, but she makes an interesting stop first.

The Story: Dark, action-packed and filled with tension, Kelly Thompson goes in guns blazing with this story. The plot moves at a great pace and the flashback moments enhance the present day action instead of hindering it. There’s a part of me that would have liked to see the twist reveal a little later down the road, preferably with her encounter with Captain America, but this story is well told and a blast to read. Carol’s voice over makes this issue work with the complexity of the story and all its moving parts.

The Art: Lee Garbett brings some dynamic and appealing visuals to this issue. The characters and action all look amazing and Carol is given the perfect balance of power and menace.


Captain Marvel #13




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