Captain America #750

Marvel Comics

Written by Tochi Onyebuchi, Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Stephanie Williams, J.M. DeMatteis, Dan Jurgens, Cody Ziglar and Gail Simone

Art by R.B. Silva, Carmen Carnero, Rachael Scott, Sara Pichelli, Dan Jurgens, Marcus Williams and Daniel Acuna

Inks by Brett Breeding

Colors by Jesus Aburtov, Nolan Woodard, Matt Milla, Matthew Wilson and Alex Sinclair

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: All-star writers and artists look at the past, present and future of Captain America.

A Cup of Tea

Sam Wilson has no interest in returning as Captain America even with the new shield Misty brings to him. Misty does everything she can to find out what is holding Sam back as he reflects on the conversation with two people who mean a lot to him. An attack on their retreat will determine whether or not Sam returns to the fight.

A great emotional story that has a wonderful balance between the emotions of the characters and the action. The art is visually thrilling as well.

Nothing but a Fight

Steve and his friends travel to England to attend the funeral of Roger Aubrey. As they reflect on their time with him and their commitment to living up to the ideals he did, Steve receives an unexpected visit from Bucky. A visit where the pair will hash out what’s been going on between them before Steve receives something that could bring down the Outer Circle once and for all.

A great story of reflection that sets up the bigger conflict to come.


Sam reflects on the circumstances of how he became an Avenger and the difficulty he felt in thinking he didn’t belong.

A wonderful and thought provoking short story that has a great message to anyone wondering if they belong.

The Hero

Steve Rogers tells a story from his past where he recounts the person he considers to be his hero and the impact he made in Steve’s life.

A nice short with a great emotional tone.

Then & Now

The world has changed a lot for Steve Rogers after he came out of the ice and while he continues to learn more about and be grateful for the advances in society, there is someone who sees his struggles and strives to give him a little taste of his old life in appreciation for everything that he does.

I love the sentiment of this short as well as the art style. They go together perfectly.

The Mantle

Steve and Sam decide to have a little fun competition with their shields as they discuss the mantle of Captain America and what it might mean in the future.

A fun short that has a great light tone to it and some fun art to enhance it.

One Lucky Shot

A HYDRA agent gets off a lucky shot that sends Steve Rogers into a frozen river. When a young witness finds Cap’s shield, he takes it with him back to his friends. As they admire the shield and what it can do, the HYDRA agent comes looking for it only to find a group of kids with a newfound bravery.

A wonderful short story with great art and a fantastic tone.

Captain America #750



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