781299._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Captain America #13

Marvel Comics

Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Art by Jason Masters and Sean Izaakse

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: With the world turned against the idea of Captain America and Steve Rogers on the run from the law, the Daughters of Liberty will have to find a way to win back Steve’s reputation.


Steve Rogers has abandoned the moniker of Captain America. He’s a man without a country and still on the run for escaping prison and murder. Sharon has a way to get him back into the spotlight, but it will require him to evolve politically and socially as well as play public relations by defending a group of migrant workers from a local militia.

Steve Rogers has to face some tough realities about the bigger aspects of his fight when he sees what is being done to the migrants in the name of the law. At the same time, Fury tracks down the Dryad and realizes too late that he’s been set up.

The Story: Coates has taken the character of Steve Rogers and the persona of Captain America and expanded them to deal with the reality of a modern media and an America that has moved in a direction he doesn’t recognize. There are some salient social and political points being made throughout the issue and Steve is forced to confront the blind spots in his own ideology. Coates does a great job of not demonizing Steve for being naïve, but also doesn’t pull any punches when White Tiger confronts him about it.

The Art: Jason Masters and Sean Izaakse deliver some fine art in this issue. The story didn’t really lend itself to big action or adventure, but hopefully the artists will have more to work with in future issues.

Captain America #13




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