764562._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Calamity Kate #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Magdalene Visaggio

Art by Corin Howell

Colors by Valentina Pinto

Letters by Zakk Saam

It’s Jade’s birthday and her auntie Kate has a special gift for the little girl. One her mother won’t approve of, but is absolutely on brand for the woman who deals in killing monsters.


Kate, meanwhile, is on the hunt for her biggest score to date and that hunt will not only drive her to the desert on a possible suicide mission, but it will also give her time to really dwell on the mistakes she’s made in her personal life.

Her fight against the monsters around her is peppered with the disintegration of her marriage and the fights that ultimately led to her divorce. When a massive creature appears, Kate springs into action alone and vulnerable. It’s a fight that could ultimately end her life, but she fights on anyway. Even as she relives one of the worst moments of her life and how her monster killing rival plays a pivotal role.

Magdalene Visaggio finally gets to the passion and pain of the character and does a great job in executing this pivotal part of her story. Kate continues to be a compelling, dynamic character with an interesting journey as both a monster hunter and damaged soul. Visaggio does an amazing job of contrasting Kate’s two worlds in this issue as the reader experiences both the thrill and intensity of her fight but also the sad, bittersweet destruction of her personal life. It’s great storytelling.

Corin Howell delivers with the intense, beautiful and kinetic art throughout this issue.

Calamity Kate #3




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