Buckhead #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Shobo

Art by George Kambadais

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: After moving to a new town, young Toba will discover secrets and mysteries everyone and close to home.

Beneath Nigeria a group excavating the area finds an underground site. After discovering a secret mechanism, they are led into a secret cave lit by the light of a strange object. When they investigate the object further something even stranger happens. A year later Toba prepares for his first day at a school in a new town. As he and a school mate walk to school, Toba discovers an abandoned house. Unfortunately, he’s the only one who sees it and when he hops the fence to get a closer look, he discovers that his companion is not moving.

That isn’t the only strange things Toba discovers as the owner of the house confronts him about trespassing. Toba makes a hasty retreat and discovers he’s not the only new kid in school when he arrives the first day. Toba convinces his new group of friends to skip class and check out the computer lab to kill some time. After discovering a strange computer with an interactive game installed, Toba will discover something strange within the system itself. A discovery that will lead to more mystery and secrets within the town.

The Story: Shobo crafts a great first issue with his story. There are great moments of mystery and humor throughout the plot and all of the elements from the characters to the intrigue are engaging. I like the scope of this story and how this first issue manages to reveal things while keeping the overall mystery intriguing enough to bring me back for more.

The Art: Kambadais delivers some great art in the issue. The style is perfect for the story and tone and I really enjoyed the character designs and panels.

Buckhead #1



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