Basilisk #5

Boom! Studios

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Jonas Scharf

Colors by Alex Guimaraes

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: In the wake of destruction, Reagan discovers a new power.

Hannah remembers the last moment she shared with her family before the Chimera came to her town. As she recovers from her injuries in the present, Reagan arrives to check on her. After gathering their things, the pair move out into the destruction with Hannah angry that the rest of her targets escaped, all except for one. As Hannah and Reagan get back on the road, the rest of the Chimera have holed up at a hotel nearby.

Vanessa and the others are left to lick their collective wounds and plan their next move. With Vanessa’s healing hampering them, they lament the loss of Manny. As they prepare for the next sacrifice, Cara has her doubts about what they are doing, but Vanessa will not be deterred. As they regroup and descend on a local fair for their next act of savagery, Reagan will discover something about her has changed. Something that will connect her even more to the group she’s trying to leave behind.

The Story: Bunn continues to craft a story with some great character moments and twists that are compelling and interesting to the reader. The plot is brilliantly focused on both sides of the conflict and I like seeing that there are changes within groups while others within them remain stoic in their resolve. I continue to be enamored with the mystery and engrossed in the world of this series.

The Art: Scharf delivers some fantastic art throughout this issue. The character focus of the story allowed for some great details with character emotions.

Basilisk #5



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