Brynmore #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Steve Niles

Art by Damien Worm and Alyzia Zherno

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The Rundown: Mark Turner is trying to turn his life around in familiar surroundings, but finds a dark mystery instead.

Mark Turner is a divorced father trying to put his life back together by moving back to the island that bears his family name. Unfortunately, the locals are not too keen on having a Turner return to the island and Mark feels their wrath in multiple ways before meeting a friendly face in the form of his neighbor Becca.

As Mark decides to gut and renovate the abandoned church and make it a home, he discovers something beneath the pulpit. A tunnel that will lead him to a dark secret lying beneath the island.

The Story: Niles reels you in with a story of a man with little left in his life other than his desire to start over and adds some great dramatic elements with his family’s history with the town right before hitting the reader with the supernatural elements that immediately hooked me and made me interested in seeing where this story goes next. I really enjoyed the narrative build up and want to see how events play out for the character.

The Art: Worm and Zherno deliver some great art throughout the issue. I like the style a lot and how it has an almost animated look to the characters while the backgrounds and world of the story have a dark, ominous visual tone.

Brynmore #1



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