Legendary, the company behind the upcoming big screen adaptation of DUNE as well as Godzilla vs Kong is looking to take audiences into the future with the return of a classic sci-fi hero.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary is bringing back Buck Rogers to television and they have tapped comic book veteran Brian K Vaughn to write the new series. Vaughn is the creative mind behind series like Marvel’s The Runaways, Saga, Paper Girls and Y: The Last Man. His television work includes the ABC series Lost as well as the television adaptation of Stephen King’s Under the Dome.

Flint Dille, grandson of Buck Rogers creator John F. Dille will produce the series alongside Don Murphy and Susan Montford who have worked on Transformers and Real Steel. Legendary isn’t just looking to bring Rogers back for television either. The plan is for a multi-medium/multi-platform approach will will mean the character will appear in concurrent film and animated projects as well.

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