BOMG_Cv6Books of Magic #6

DC Comics/Vertigo Comics

Written by Kat Howard

Art by Tom Fowler

Colors by Jordan Boyd

Letters by Todd Klein

Tim’s world is getting more dangerous. More secrets are being revealed, trust is shattered and the young wizard must make a decision that could affect his mission to find his mother.


After getting into it with his dad about his whereabouts, Tim needs to find somewhere to keep Yo-Yo safe and return to a semblance of normalcy at school. It’s going to be easier said than done with everyone around the boy wizard seemingly knowing more than he does and keeping bigger and bigger secrets from him.

School gets even more difficult when he returns to school and finds it swarming with cops investigating the murder of Mr. Brisby. Dr. Rose decides to take Tim to her office in order to teach him to use a scrying dish. When she’s called away, her biggest secret is revealed to Tim and not only does he have to decide if he can still trust her, but she presents him with a problem that will force him to make a choice of whether to save a friend or find his mother.

Kat Howard has raised the stakes in this story and it shows. Tim is confronted with secrets, lies and choices that will test him and that makes this issue worth reading. The dialogue is great and the characters are compelling and engaging. It will be interesting to see where this story goes next and what its ramifications will be for Tim and his journey through magic.

Tom Fowler’s art is amazing and all of the characters look awesome as well as the detailed, vibrant backgrounds.

Books of Magic #6




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