large-5159407Shazam #4

DC Comics

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Dale Eagelsham and Marco Santucci

Colors by Mike Atiyeh

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Shazam family is separated and Billy learns the brutal truth beneath the bowels of The Funlands.

Darla and Freddy have been transported to the Wildlands, a world dominated by humanoid animals. While Freddy is taking in everything weird and fascinating about the place, Darla is treating it like a Disney movie. She learns quickly that something is wrong when they are taken into custody and being transported for trial and eventual execution.


Pedro and Eugene aren’t faring much better with their adventures in The Gamelands when they find out that they can’t get access to a means of escape until they earn enough points through playing. When they see who they have to compete against, escape becomes that much harder.

Billy and Mary are still trapped in the Funlands and when Billy is taken to the secret chamber underneath the city, not only does he find Mary but also what happens to the children brought to Funland when they grow into adults.

With all of them trapped and their adopted parents worried about them, it’s going to take someone unlikely to rescue Billy and his siblings.

Geoff Johns delivers an intensely fun and entertaining issue. The dialogue is perfect for these characters and the stakes are sufficiently raised for all the characters, especially Billy and Mary. The story continues to be interesting and engaging and the reveal at the end of the issue adds a new and intriguing dynamic to the story going forward.

Dale Eagelsham and Marco Santucci have created some beautifully detailed art throughout this issue and every panel is visually impressive.

Shazam #4




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