STL127346Books of Magic #11

DC Comics/Vertigo Comics

Written by Kat Howard

Art by Tom Fowler and Brian Churilla

Colors by Jordan Boyd

Letters by Todd Klein

The Rundown: The return of Tim’s mother is exactly what he wanted and could also prove a deadly mistake.

At home, Tim finally has everything he ever wished for. His mother has finally returned and told him her harrowing story of escaping the Cold Flame. In order for her to stay, Tim must do the one thing he never thought he would have to; give up magic.


As he presses his mother for details of her captivity, her obsession with reading the Books of Magic become more suspicious. When one of the books warns Tim of danger, he goes to Rose for help but does not get the answers he seeks. Instead, she warns him that his decision will have consequences he hasn’t considered.

At school, Ellie finally returns and her fears only intensify when she runs into the librarian. When Mister Davies breaks into Rose’s office and finds the skull of her predecessor, the two are interrupted by the return of the determined teacher.

The Story: Things are getting more intense for Tim and those around him and the story is moving into some interesting places. I like the new challenges that the character is facing as secrets around him continue to be uncovered. Kat Howard has created a rich world for all the characters in this book and each issue is more engaging than the last as each part of the story makes you want to learn and experience more.

The Art: Tom Fowler and Brian Churilla deliver some impressive and detailed visuals in this issue. I really enjoy the look of this story and the characters.

Books of Magic #11




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