Blood Tree #2

Image Comics

Written by Peter J Tomasi

Art by Maxim Simic

Colors by John Kalisz

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Dario and Diaz find their investigation heating up when the killer escalates in a huge way.

As Dario and Diaz learn about the intricacy of the killer’s chosen method of display of his victims, the killer himself has found a new one. Not only that, but he decides to escalate this murder by going after the man’s family.

Dario heads to the crime scene and after some tense moments with his wife and a revelation at his local church, he begins to understand more about the killer and his motives. Something that might help him and his partner catch him when a call comes in that sounds like it might be connected.

The Story: The mystery takes some great twists and turns as the killer escalates in this new issue. Tomasi delivers great writing and character development as well as a sense of style to the story. There are some detective story tropes mixed in, but they work for the characters. I like the side story with Dario trying to understand his kid better and I feel like there are some interesting revelations to come about the detective.

The Art: Simic does a wonderful job with the art in the issue. The visual language of the issue perfectly matches the tone and gritty detective style of the story.

Blood Tree #2



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