Blade Vampire Nation #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Russell

Art by Dave Wachter

Colors by Dee Cunniffe

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: An assassination attempt will draw Blade into a mystery.

A team of mercenaries has breached the borders of the vampire kingdom in Chernobyl and touched down on the roof of building holding a high ranking member of the vampire council. After encountering resistance from the vampires protecting the councilmember, the mercenaries find themselves dead. Later, Blade is called in by Dracula to investigate the murder and who might be behind it.

Blade begins his investigation and quickly discovers that not all of the mercenaries were killed. After getting information on the intended target, Blade’s investigation brings him to someone who has her own opinion about the vampire nation. An opinion that will lead Blade to the ugly truth about the assassination as well as the true power Dracula is wielding in the shadows.

The Story: A brilliantly tense and engaging mystery from Russell. The characters are great and Blade is utilized perfectly with a mixture of daring, dark charm and cool that make him stand apart. I love the way the mystery unfolds within the story and everything felt organic. All of the character beats worked and helped to immerse the reader in the world of these characters. I would love to see more Blade stories like this one.

The Art: Wacther perfectly captures the detective thriller, film noir tone of the story with the visuals. I love the use of shadow and how Blade stands out visually from the rest of the characters.

Blade Vampire Nation #1



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