Blade Runner: Origins #6

Titan Comics

Written by K. Perkins and Mellow Brown

Art by Fernando Dagnino

Colors by Marco Lesko

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Moreaux tangles with associates from his past, while Marcus and Asa make future plans.

Ilora Stahl learns of a mysterious happening involving the Tyrell Corp. Meanwhile, at La Plume Sauvage, Divina shares important information with Marcus and Asa. Afterwards, she has an interesting chat with Marcus. Later, the brothers search for clues and encounter something unexpected.

Elsewhere, Moreaux is captured by a group of people in the Slums who question his allegiance. Later, Desiree and Carlisle discuss Moreaux’s past. Soon Moreaux makes a shocking escape. He then confronts his old friends. Finally, he and Desiree sit down for a discussion.

The Story: Perkins and Brown have crafted another thoughtful and dynamic chapter in this brilliant series. The conversation between Divina and Marcus is so perfectly done. I love how this series uses Asa’s evolution as a discussion on identity and transformation. Divina’s insight is so apropos for both this series and the real world. Another key feature in this edition is the relationship between Moreaux and the companions of his youth. As Desiree narrates his past, she reveals a deeper element of his character. I am completely invested in this story, and look forward to seeing how the current plotline progresses.

The Art: The noir theme continues creating an effect that is similar to its namesake movie. The illustrations feature detailed drawings and a muted color work that perfectly fit the tone of this story. The action scenes are well done and interesting. And the attention to facial expression and form creates an emotional engagement that flows throughout the story.

Blade Runner: Origins #6



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