Blade Runner Origins #3

Titan Comics

Written by K. Perkins and Mellow Brown

Art by Fernando Dagnino

Colors by Marco Lesko

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Story: Marcus discovers a replicant’s complicated history, while both Marcus and Ilora Stahl search for information regarding Dr. Kine.

Ilora Stahl survives a previous attack and reconnects with her team. Meanwhile, Marcus is on the run with a companion that has a remarkable connection to Lydia Kine. Elsewhere, Detective Moreaux and Effie Koropey discuss the next step in the investigation of the Tyrell Corporation. After going their separate ways, Effie has a confrontation with Ilora, and Detective Moreaux has two unexpected encounters.

The Rundown: K. Perkins and Mellow Brown have crafted a riveting tale filled with high drama and action. The combination of sci-fi and intrigue is very reminiscent of its namesake movie. The characters are interesting, and the plot is dynamic. I’m obsessed with this story and eagerly await the next issue.

The Art: Fernando Dagnino creates detailed, expressive drawings that are highlighted by the color work of Marco Lesko. The result is a beautiful and engaging series of panels that completely immerses you in the story’s universe. The issue is eye-catching and very well done in both tone and artistry.

Blade Runner Origins #3



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