X-Force #19

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Garry Brown

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Kid Omega must train on a new battlefield if he has any chance of stopping the dark part of himself trying to attack Krakoa.

Quentin is trapped within his own mind and cannot escape the hybrid creature chasing him. With his own mind rebelling against him, he and Phoebe turn to Jean for help. After helping him return to the island, Jean decides that the best way to find the people attacking him is to train the two of them to use their minds in a way that will amplify their powers. A dangerous proposition, but one they desperately need after tracking down the facility the clone of Quentin is being kept.

As Jean and Domino attack the facility, Quentin tries to unlock the clone’s mind with the help of Phoebe. Unfortunately, the creature is extremely powerful and uses one of their own on the island itself to fight to protect itself.

The Story: Percy brings this arc to a satisfying conclusion. The story utilizes Jean perfectly and gives Omega an interesting and entertaining arc that makes him a more dynamic character. I was impressed with the pacing of the story as well as the issues it tackled and was impressed with the dialogue and the humor within it.

The Art: Brown has an unique visual style that fits well with this story. The art does a great job with the more fantastical visual elements of the story.

X-Force #19



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