Black Panther #8

Marvel Comics

Written by John Ridley

Art by Stefano Landini

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: T’Challa and his forces take on Akili for the future of Wakanda.

After receiving a new suit, T’Challa, Storm and the Dora Milaje prepare to take back Wakanda and Shuri and her allies work from the other side of the shield to help them. When the battle begins, the forces of the Black Panther quickly overwhelm the Hatut Zeraze. Even with a group of allies who do not want him to return to the throne, they manage to get the attention of Akili in the palace.

With the battle turning in their favor and wanting to avoid more bloodshed, T’Challa challenges Akili directly to meet him on the battlefield. A move that will bring a final resolution to the conflict and an end to a kingdom.

The Story: Ridley brings this arc to an entertaining and exciting conclusion. There is a lot of great action and some interesting moments with T’Challa as he contemplates his future whatever the outcome. I like the intrigue in the storyline and the sense of uncertainty that it leaves the character in after the story comes to a close.

The Art: Landini delivers some impressive art throughout the issue. The action is visually stunning and the art style has a wonderful aesthetic that showcases the power of the characters.

Black Panther #8



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