Black Panther #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Art by Daniel Acuna

Letters by Joe Sabino

Nakia finds herself listening to the tales of T’Challa and his feats as Commander N’Yami informs that warrior that the hero they have been searching for might be closer than they think. While the news might make most happy, the pair discuss how his presence might be more dangerous than they know.

Is the man calling himself T’Challa actually the Black Panther himself? They still don’t know and his lack of memories prompt Nakia to come up with a plan to try and retrieve them as she explains to the man why memory is so important to the empire. They don’t have time to discuss the matter further as an invasion force has surrounded their base and the forces of the Empire begin to attack. As M’Baku and his forces try to reach the ships to evacuate, they are stopped by a new threat who has come to destroy the resistance.

The beginning of this issue was promising. It looked like it was going to delve deeper into the mystery of T’Challa, how he lost his memories and what his connection to the empire of Wakanda is. Unfortunately, the story veered into a standard action story with the invasion of the base and everything that was building from a character perspective got pushed to the side for the sake of introducing a new villain. While I don’t mind the pacing for the most part, it would have been better in this issue to focus on expanding the story of T’Challa and even giving the mythology and history of the Empire more fleshing out.

Daniel Acuna has great art in this issue and I continue to enjoy the style of the art in this story. There is great detail in the backgrounds and Acuna is a master at using shadow in scenes. I love the menace that he is able to bring to a character through the use of shadow. Great art in an issue that really doesn’t move much forward for the reader.

Black Panther #3




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