Black Lightning is slated to make his debut on the CW this fall. This fall, the creator of the character will be bringing him back to the comic book world with a limited series.

In 1977, comic book writer Tony Isabella created the character of Black Lightning. This fall, he returns to the character with Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands. A limited series, written by Isabella and drawn by Clayton Henry, the series will focus on Jefferson in his late 20’s as a teacher in Cleveland. He will be both the educator who cares for his students and also the hero who cares about his community.


Some of the changes to the series include Jefferson not having children in this limited series and some changes to his nemesis Tobias Whale including having Whale not be albino.

Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands from Tony Isabella and Clayton Henry will hit shelves November 1, 2017 before the premiere of the CW series Black Lightning in January 2018.

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