Black Cloak #3

Image Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Meredith McClaren

Colors by Meredith McClaren

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: Essex and her partner face growing corruption and danger in their murder mystery.

Essex returns to a place where she and Freyal use to spend time together. Unfortunately, her status as a Black Cloak causes the locals to disappear leaving her with her partner who wants answers. After letting him in, they travel to a secret location where they discover that he left a secret message for his lost love.

With things getting more dangerous for her, Essex decides to pay a visit to someone Frey knew. Someone who reveals that they have not been her only visitors. At the same time, Valorie deals with some tough questions from someone high up in the castle while Essex and her partner decide to pay a visit to some dangerous people who might have information they need.

The Story: The mystery continues to get more interesting and the list of suspects continues to grow in this issue. I love the narrative flow of this issue and how Essex is forced to confront her past as well as her trust issues to bring her partner in fully to find the truth. I love the layers of the story and how everyone is a potential suspect. As a detective story fan, Thompson has drawn me into this world fully with both the characters and the plot.

The Art: McClaren delivers a rich, gorgeously illustrated world for these characters. The visuals are dynamic and grab the eye as the characters move from area to area and danger to danger.

Black Cloak #3



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