Bitter Root #10

Image Comics

Written by David F Walker and Chuck Brown

Art by Sanford Greene

Colors by Sofie Dodgson

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The family makes a final push against Adro as the situation gets worse both in Harlem and Georgia.


The Sangeyre’s work to cure as many infected people as they can in the streets of Harlem, but things are getting worse. The infected are not only becoming docile, but they are carving strange symbols that Enoch and their allies are working to decipher. Unfortunately, everything they discover points to the situation getting bigger than they can handle.

In Georgia, the rest of the family fights against the forces of Adro. Sylvester decides to join the fight and help the Sangeyre’s before more help arrives to help turn the tide of the battle. After an unexpected tragedy, the battle intensifies but is it too late or has Adro’s plan for the world grown beyond any hope of stopping it.

The Story: Walker and Brown bring this arc to a satisfying conclusion while setting up a return that will be just as intriguing and interesting as what’s come before. There is a lot more action in this issue and the story gets more intense with each page. The interpersonal dramas are used to fuel the external conflict and both are engaging. The characters continue to be written with depth and it is appreciated as a reader.

The Art: Sanford Greene brings some beautiful details and an awesome style to the characters and action. There is an immediacy and energy to the pages and they perfectly capture the tone of the story.

Bitter Root #10




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