Birds of Prey #5

DC Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Arist Deyn

Colors by Arist Deyn

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Dinah and the team take on the entire island as Sin confronts an angry god.

The Birds find themselves fighting off an army of angry and possessed amazons as the god Megaera continues her search for Sin on the island. As the team is forced to break up in order to continue the fight on multiple fronts, Zealot fights off the possessed army while Barda and Orphan find themselves facing down a possessed and powerful Wonder Woman.

At the same time, Sin is taken by Megaera and Dinah is forced to enter the creature in order to bring her back.

The Story: Thompson continues to craft some great character interactions throughout this issue and series. The story has a fun and engaging tone that draws in the reader. I enjoyed both the suspense of the story and the unexpected humor from the villain. The action throughout the story is fantastic and made me love each of the characters more.

The Art: Deyn delivers beautifully detailed and visually compelling art throughout the issue. I really enjoyed both the comedic and serious violence of the fights.

Birds of Prey #5



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