Iron Fist #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Alyssa Wong

Art by Michael Yg

Colors by Jay David Ramos

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: The new Iron Fist faces off against the Immortal Weapons while another tomb is raided.

Lin Lie continues to have problems accessing the powers of the Iron Fist and they go out at the worst time when he and his friends are confronted by Fat Cobra and Bride of Nine Spiders. The Immortal Weapons decide it’s the perfect time to test the new Iron Fist. At the same time, Lin’s brother invades another tomb of Chiyou and confronts its guardians.

Danny Rand and Luke Cage make their way through the mountains as the battle rages and Lin Lie decides that he needs to get to the tomb to stop another weapon from being taken as his friends fight to give him the time he needs to escape.

The Story: Wong crafts an action packed and thrilling story in this issue. There is a great energy throughout the story and it is fun to see Lin take on Fat Cobra. I liked seeing Danny and Luke in the story and their presence wasn’t a distraction from Lin Lie’s journey. I am intrigued with the Chiyou storyline and am interested in seeing how it evolves.

The Art: Michael Yg delivers some fantastic visuals throughout the issue. The fights are beautifully composed and the action is nothing but thrilling, visual fun.

Iron Fist #4



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